TAMPOPO Untitled


Designer : Takao Inoue
Material : Acrylic, Dandelion
2016 year edition 4 + 1AP


Price : 324,000 JPY



Dandelion inside this work is abnormality, freak, unusual but 'a piece of Tokyo’ which was harvested in Tokyo. Takao Inoue tells about this as follows. In rare cases it will encounter something like these strange piece every year are faced quite a few of dandelion. I have not been sealed into acrylic block until now. But little by little the number is increasing. Sequentially production as soon as it found from 2016s. *These dandelion are likely to appear due to Radioactive and too much heat.

We use real dandelion for this product. The shapes of dandelions inside differ from each products. After your purchase, We will send you images of some TAMPOPOs. You could choose one you like among them, We will ship just what you choose.