The Moment Lamp


Artist : h220430
Size : H605 W645 D660


Price : 275,000 JPY



My wish is for there to be no war.But in a world where it seems that steps are being taken towards a push in the opposite direction, where the competition for resources and territory remains fierce, and where differing ideologies continue to trigger clashes, flashpoints for conflict are springing up everywhere. Now that the post-war period has passed the 70-year mark, might it be that we have forgotten exactly how devastating and senseless war actually is? Japanese people can no longer simply turn a blind eye to the disputes happening worldwide which motivate acts of terrorism. It is important for us to be aware of these issues, to really contemplate them. I’ll never be able to get those horrific images of 9/11 out of my head. “The Moment Lamp” was inspired by the flash of light generated in that awful moment of destruction, and its purpose is to remind us that even now heinous acts of this nature are being carried out, and we can’t just sit on the sidelines.