Larsen C


Designer : h220430
Size : H80 W90 D90

Material : Acrylic

Edition of 100


Price : 38,500 JPY



In the Antarctic Peninsula, there is one of the largest ice shelves called Larsen. It consisted of a series of three shelves, namely Larsen A, B and C, from the north. Ice shelf Larsen A was regarded to have existed for more than two thousand years before its disintegration in 1995. Then, in 2002, huge ice shelf Larsen B broke up after an existence extending back 12 millennia. Those disintegrations in recent years caused a tremendous amount of ice loss, which corresponds to an area more than six times as large as Tokyo. Only ice shelf Larsen C remains, but unfortunately, its disintegration, too, is just a matter of time. We created an acrylic object and named it Larsen C, which will remind you of an iceberg split from a disintegrating ice shelf oating in the sea. It has two holes in the top, and you can use it as a toothbrush holder or, by putting it into another vessel with water, as a bud vase. When it is wet, Larsen C looks even more like a real iceberg melting off the shelf, which will make you speculate more realistically about the serious condition of the Antarctic area, even though it is far away.