Artist : h220430
Size : φ50 H90


Price : 27,500 JPY



In recent years, the permafrost covering Siberia has started to melt very rapidly. It encapsulates the potent greenhouse gas, methane, which was produced over millions of years by bacteria that existed before the ice ages. Furthermore, there is a massive ice layer called Edoma in the permafrost that is no less than 40 meters thick. It has been discovered that Edoma contains an amount of high-concentration methane that is one thousand times that in the earth’s atmosphere. Once the permafrost on the surface, and then Edoma, start to melt, the issue of global warming will become even more serious. We represented the melting Edoma, which might eventually disappear, with an incandescent lamp that is also disappearing, evoking the image of a faint light that glimmers while consuming methane in the deep ice. It might be dif cult to become conscious of what is happening far away from your daily life. However, this lamp must help broaden your perspective toward the global environment. You might be able to nd a different point of view if you think about the future global environment under the melancholic yet mellow light of this lamp.